Psychology Services

Psychologists play a key role in supporting and helping patients and family members through the experience of cancer and its treatment. Cancer and its symptoms are severe stressors that can make it difficult to cope with everything in our lives, so Psychology Services is available to address the emotional and social needs of everyone involved with a cancer diagnosis (patients, family members and other caregivers).

Because psychological and emotional concerns can serve as potential barriers to our patients getting treatment (for example, symptoms of anxiety preventing people from seeking or undergoing treatment), the Psychology team can provide a number of services at any stage in the process of treatment, including the following: 

  • Initial, thorough psychological assessment of needs and concerns
  • Brief, problem-focused individual, couples or family counseling or psychotherapy, which can include:
    • Emotional support
    • Relaxation training, guided imagery
    • Mindfulness training
    • Specific problem-solving
    • Communication or assertiveness training
    • Specific therapies to deal with phobias and anxiety related to cancer care
  • Management of symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleep and other concerns
  • Mind/body courses for stress reduction and relaxation (more information)
  • Patient support groups (more information)
  • Periodic workshops and classes, including Expressive Writing, Art Therapy, or Music Therapy

    Psychology Services are available to all Moores Cancer Center patients. Contact us at (858) 822-5381, or request a referral by talking to your physician, nurse case manager, or social worker.