In Vivo Imaging


David R. Vera, PhD
Professor of Radiology


David R. Vera, PhD
Phone: (858) 822-2574
fax: (858) 822-0950
Location: Moores Cancer Center, Room 3334

Service profile

Equipment profile

  • GE eXplore Vista PET
  • GE eXplore Locus CT
  • GE eXplore Optix
  • BioSpace Gamma Camera
  • VisualSonics Vevo 770
  • Vibratome 20 cm Cryomicrotome
  • BioRAD FX-Pro-Plus Molecular Imager


The IVISR provides optical, CT, ultrasound, high-resolution planar gamma imaging, and PET of mice and rats, as well as high-resolution digital autoradiography and fluorescent imaging of thin whole body rodent sections. Support and expertise includes imaging physics, biological applications, animal support, image computation, optical hardware and software, diagnostic agent chemistry, preparation of F18 and C-11 labeled radiotracers, and kinetic modeling.

High-resolution optical imaging complements MR and PET imaging by increasing image quantitation and kinetic modeling. High- resolution ultrasound imaging permits quantitation of tumor size, as well as, measurement of left ventricular volume for recovery correction of MR and PET sampled input functions. Most importantly it permits the use of in situ tumor models. A key contribution of ultrasound to cancer research in mice is the ability to image in sterile fashion and to do so without the need for anesthesia. This permits frequent monitoring of tumor growth or regression following interventions.

Facility access

For access to the above equipment, contact Jacqueline Corbeil, (858) 822-2862 or (619) 543-3816,

Imaging consultants for each modality

  • PET - Dr. Carl Hoh, (619) 543-1987 or e-mail
  • CT - Dr. Robert Mattrey, (619) 543-6766 or e-mail
  • Ultrasound - Dr. Yuko Kono, (619) 543-2061 or e-mail
  • Optical - Dr. David Hall, (858) 822-0893 or e-mail
  • Gamma Camera - Dr. David Vera, (858) 822-2574 or e-mail
  • Radiochemistry - Dr. David Vera, (858) 822-2574 or e-mail


Moores Cancer Center, Room B210