Head and Neck Cancers

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Head and neck cancers refer to a variety of cancers that occur in the throat, larynx, nose, sinuses, and mouth. Because the head and neck is such a diverse region—including soft tissue, bones, skin, glands and organs—the types of disease and their treatment can vary greatly, and require collaboration among highly trained specialists.

We treat head and neck cancers with the most advanced treatments, including minimally invasive surgery, reconstruction and rehabilitation, innovative clinical trials, and targeted therapy, including immunotherapy.

The head and neck cancer team is led by Ezra Cohen, MD, a nationally renowned physician and researcher and an associate director of Moores Cancer Center.

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UC San Diego Health was ranked in the top 25 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report in 12 specialties, including Cancer and Ear, Nose & Throat.

Dr. Brumund

Our surgical oncologists (including Dr. Kevin Brumund, pictured here) are experts in minimally invasive and robotic techniques.

Dr. Cohen with patient

Our medical oncologists (including Dr. Ezra Cohen, pictured here) work with a multidisciplinary team to determine the most effective treatment for each patient.

Squamous Cell Carcinomas

Most cancers that begin in the lip, mouth, tonsils, or throat are squamous cell carcinomas. We specialize in complex surgeries and reconstruction to treat these cancers.

Video: Inspiring Patients, New Treatments

Patient Video
Three patients share their stories, including Ralph Whitworth, who worked with Drs. Scott Lippman and Ezra Cohen to accelerate immunotherapy studies after being diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma.

HPV-Related Cancer

While human papillomavirus (HPV) is well known as the leading cause of cervical cancer, HPV-related disease is also the fastest growing segment of oropharangeal cancers.

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Thyroid Cancer

We collaborate closely with endocrinologists to diagnose and treat the many types of thyroid cancers.

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Salivary Gland Cancer

We are one of the few centers with expertise in treating these rare tumors.

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Multidisciplinary Care

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