Brain Tumor Treatment and Research

The brain tumor experts at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center include dedicated neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, neuro-oncologists, neuroradiologists, and neuropathologists to help develop your specific treatment plan. The neurosurgery team is experienced in all brain and spinal cord surgical approaches to brain tumors. The radiation oncologists have a state-of-the-art planning and treatment system for advanced treatment of brain tumors.

MRI-Guided Laser Therapy, a Minimally Invasive Approach for Brain Cancer Treatment

Using a novel MRI-guided laser technology, neurosurgeons at UC San Diego Health System have successfully treated a malignant tumor deep inside a patient's brain. This is one of the first times that this FDA-approved laser-based treatment has been performed in CA. Dr. Clark Chen explains how this minimally invasive technology helps neurosurgeons preserve healthy brain tissue while allowing treatment of otherwise inoperable tumors.


Brain Tumor Treatment and Research News


MRI-Guided Biopsy for Brain Cancer Improves Diagnosis, California First

Clark Chen, MD, PhD, neurosurgeon, shares groundbreaking advances in MRI-guided biopsy of brain abnormalities such as glioblastoma. Advanced technologies at UC San Diego Health System such as Restriction Spectrum Imaging (RSI), MRI-based stereotactic guidance, and MRI-compatible biopsy needles enable neurosurgeons to precisely sample abnormal brain tissue with less risk to healthy structures. These advanced imaging approaches ensure that pathologists make a definitive diagnoses based on diseased tissue. Read more.


Novocure and Avastin for Brain Cancer See Results at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Using Novocure, the first device therapy approved for brain cancer, in combination with Avastin, a patient at Moores Cancer Center successfully manages glioblastoma, the most malignant form of brain cancer. Here, Dr. Santosh Kesari describes the device and chemotherapy treatment.


UC San Diego Neurosurgeon Clark Chen, MD, PhD, Discusses New MRI Technology To Protect Brain During Surgery

Clark Chen, MD, PhD, neurosurgeon at UC San Diego Health System discusses new technologies that help image the brain to protect vision fibers within the occipital lobe during surgery. His patient, Anthony Chetti, a school teacher, shares his personal story about planning his surgery, the procedure and successful recovery.


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