Patient, Caregiver and Staff Stories

Susan Rooney

After surgery and chemotherapy proved ineffective for her brain tumor, Susan Rooney joined a clinical trial testing a new drug – one of several leading edge therapies offered at Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health. Read her story.

Andrea Procko

Andrea was in the right place after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis at age 31. Her care team identified her a good candidate for a unique clinical trial, a personalized therapy that ultimately shrunk her tumor. Read her story.

Chris Kerwin

After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a dad and athlete wasn't sure if he would make it to Thanksgiving. Now, after working with Dr. Paul Fanta and Dr. Andrew Lowy, he is back to being active and spending quality time with his family.

Lydia Krak

Lydia Krak, a mother of three, had surgery for breast cancer at Moores Cancer Center. She was treated by Dr. Anne Wallace and the breast cancer care team. "They have such a heart for the patients," she says. "It's almost an extension of family."

Armondo Lopez

Despite several negative biopsies for prostate cancer, Armondo Lopez’s PSA blood levels kept rising. His doctor, J. Kellogg Parsons, suggested an MRI-guided biopsy. The new technology helped locate an aggressive prostate cancer while it was still completely curable.

Kay Mueller

Kay Mueller had a routine breast exam, Pap smear, and colonoscopy when she turned 50, never expecting that anything could be wrong—let alone a diagnosis of Stage 3 rectal cancer. Follow Kay through her treatment and surgery with Dr. Sonia Ramamoorthy.

Jennifer Brady

Jennifer Brady was 35 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. "I felt like I had the dream team," she says of her care providers at Moores Cancer Center. "My doctors were so caring and I knew they wanted to treat me and cure me and do the best that they could do for my case. I felt extremely lucky that I had them." Read her story.

Matt Youmans

After Matt Youmans received a terminal cancer diagnosis, he decided to travel to San Diego. He credited Dr. Andrew Lowy and his health care team for extending his life. "They were diligent, they were compassionate, they made me feel like I was at home and being taken care of," he said. Read his story.

Scott Thurman

Scott Thurman talked to doctors across the country after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He ended his search in his own backyard, undergoing surgery with UC San Diego's Dr. Christopher J. Kane.

Peggy Pico

KPBS reporter Peggy Pico produced a four-part series about breast cancer while being treated at Moores Cancer Center. “I shared my journey because I wanted to make it less daunting for others,” said Pico. Read her story.

Barbara Murray

A breast cancer patient talks about her journey from diagnosis to remission. Hear about how her family gave her strength and how she credits the breast care team at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center with saving her life.

Nakita Garcia

At age 22, Nakita Garcia became the youngest woman to be treated for breast cancer at Moores Cancer Center. Less than two years later, her cancer returned. Hear her story in a series of video interviews.

Laurie Black

Laurie Black talks about the journey of love and hope that she shared with her husband, Robert Lawrence, and their four children after Bob was diagnosed with Stage 4 melanoma. He was treated by Dr. Greg Daniels. "UCSD helped our family handle this crisis," said Black. "The family gets cancer; it's not just the patient."

Cam and Wanda Garner

Cam and Wanda Garner were honored in November 2011 by Moores Cancer Center's Patient and Family Support Service. The couple has cared for many members of both of their families who were diagnosed with cancer.

Eva Bariuan, RN

Eva Bariuan first came to Moores Cancer Center as a breast cancer patient. Impressed by the compassion of her care team, she now works as a nurse case manager for patients with cancers of the head and neck. Read her story.

Dr. John Einck and Dr. Arno Mundt

Dr. John Einck and Dr. Arno Mundt

In December 2012, Dr. Mundt and Dr. Einck, radiation oncologists at Moores Cancer Center, joined a team of radiation experts to deliver donated equipment to Senegal's only radiation clinic. They posted daily updates of their trip. Read about the journey.

Julia Civardi billboard shoot

Meet Julia Civardi, the model for UC San Diego Health System's One Place cancer billboard. Julia was diagnosed in 2007 with lymphoma, and treated at Moores Cancer Center with chemotherapy and radiation. Her cancer is now in remission.

Lizbeth's last treatment celebration

See the disco party celebration when a 9-year-old receives her final radiation treatment. She also takes part in the tradition of ringing the brass bell. Its ring tells everyone in the Cancer Center that another patient has successfully completed treatment.