We're grateful to have received wonderful pictures, notes, and letters from many of our former patients. If you would like to share a story, please contact the Web Team.


Mt. Kilamanjaro   Alcatraz - San Francisco Race
Patient Barry T. at the summit of Mt. Kilamanjaro (19,341 feet) and after swimming the Alcatraz-SF race.


Excerpts from letters received from our patients:

“Today, I thank the Lord that I am breathing, laughing, living, and feeling blessed to have been a patient of yours and the staff of the San Diego Cancer Center. From the moment I walked through your doors, you and your wonderful staff calmed a very nervous patient—me. Your explanation of treatments, encouragement, and amazing knowledge of breast cancer was appreciated by both my husband and me. You would even patiently explain things three times if necessary—it was all so new to us. The moment I met you, you became MY oncologist, MY friend, and MY encourager.

"Thank you from the bottom of not only my heart but that of my wonderful husband and precious daughters and family for such outstanding treatment there at the San Diego Cancer Center and ministering to the needs of the entire person—not just physical, but emotional and spiritual as well. "


“My doctors and nurses that provided my chemotherapy and radiation sessions were technically brilliant and are on top of all the latest cutting-edge advances in cancer care, but that is not the only reason that I consider them my ‘Medical Angels.’ Although there may be other physicians and nurses that share their technical skills, it was the powerful loving attention that was given to me that I have never experienced anywhere. This unconditional loving care I received is not something that you learn from a book in medical school; it springs from the heart of only a select few and how so many of these special types ended up in this small, intimate center is a mystery, but patients like myself are the lucky ones to have them.”

From patient W.W. to Coast News Newspapers 

“Marlene and I are so thankful that God put you in our lives to be there for us during my battle with cancer. He has used you all as instruments to calm our fears, to encourage us and to make us feel normal.

"You have helped me by encouraging me to fight and I will continue to do so knowing I have all of you, my family and God supporting me!


“The Vista Cancer Center, is run by a wonderful group, all involved, in any capacity, are included in the loop. They all deserve credit, and this credit is due to fall, for the giving of love and caring, from them to you all.

“You are doing wonders, and we give you much praise, treating patients as friends, and their ego’s to raise you have all proven yourselves worthy of sharing, may God bless you all, for your caring.

“A feeling starts, from the moment your are seated, that you are a special person, while being treated. There is not one person, who’d make you feel bad, it seems that happiness is the whole building's fad.

“For all the employees, patients would shout loud, hold your heads high folks, and be very proud.”

A poem by one of our patients, G.D.

“I thank you all for your dedication, support, professionalism, encouragement and the hugs. It has helped me get through this journey. I could not have done it without you!

"My deepest gratitude and appreciation! Love you all.”


"It is not possible to put into words the depth of my gratitude and admiration for you and your people, but I have to try.

"Organizations reflect on their leader and like you, your team is a combination of competence, caring and compassion. I never felt like just another number and all of the nurses, administrators and support people I interacted with, were genuinely concerned about me.

"During my three cycles of chemo, I was cared for by all of the nurses at one time or another. I always felt confident they knew what they were doing and would help me. Being around them is an uplifting experience.

"I am going to become a grandfather in June. You and your team have made it possible for me to enjoy my grandchild in the future.

"God bless you all. With love, gratitude and admiration.”