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Dr. Scott LippmanDear Friends,

Thank you for visiting MY ANSWER TO CANCER.

We’ve reached a turning point in our fight against cancer.

Until now, cancer treatment has been a one-size-fits-all approach. Recent technological advances have made it possible to generate a profile of all the abnormalities in the genetic code of a tumor. By gathering enough data, we can identify profiles that will allow us to tailor cancer treatments to individual patients. In other words, we will open up a whole new world of cancer treatment that could lead to saving many patients who never had a chance before.

To accomplish all this, we need your help, and we need it now. Our patients can’t afford to wait.

We will implement genomic sequencing and personalized care for all of our patients. To fund this bold new approach to cancer treatment, we are looking to all of you, our donors, to help us raise an initial $5 million to provide personalized cancer treatment for the first 1,000 patients. By contributing to, or investing in, MY ANSWER TO CANCER, you will become part of the solution, and you and all other contributors will receive regular updates on our progress and your investment.

Please consider this groundbreaking initiative and remember: No investment is too small. MY ANSWER TO CANCER can bring all of us together for the benefit of the present and future generations!

Join us and invest in LIFE.

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Scott M. Lippman, MD
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center