Donations as Investments

A financial contribution to MY ANSWER TO CANCER is not a traditional donation. While we need your help to seed the project, we also want you to become vested in it, so you are part of its findings and, ultimately, its success. That’s why we talk about investments rather than donations.

We will also keep you informed, via quarterly reports and through the Progress section of this website. You’ll be able to follow our progress, just as you would monitor any investment. We'll make regular updates on medical breakthroughs, the number of patients treated, the number of investors joining in the project, and the amount of money raised.

This is a new model — a participative model.


Invest, right here, online, TODAY. Don’t sit on the sidelines waiting. Cancer does not! Be part of the initiative. MY ANSWER TO CANCER is game-changing in the way we approach cancer analysis and treatments. It is a problem-solving approach that will lead to transformative new ways to treat cancers.

Every investment is important. $20, $50, $200, or $5,000 will help us raise $5 million for the first phase of the project. All investors who help us reach this number are essential. This initiative changes the notion of philanthropic support.

When you donate to MY ANSWER TO CANCER, you in fact invest:

  • In a process
  • In the fight against cancer
  • In a hopeful future
  • In life

Give your answer to cancer. Participate now.