Strength in Numbers

A hundred experts, thousands of patients, a million hopes

MY ANSWER TO CANCER is about strength in numbers. And it's a very personal undertaking for all involved: the expert doctors and scientists at Moores Cancer Center, the patients, and you.

Cancer is everybody’s problem, and always a personal one — for patients, their families, their friends, the doctors who work on finding solutions, the researchers who decode the genomes and identify the roots of the disease, and the scientists who develop the drugs. For all, it is my engagement, my fight, my quest, my hope — and my opportunity to take sides, since no one can be neutral and disengaged when it comes to cancer.

Cancer research has made more progress in the past four years than in the previous 40. MY ANSWER TO CANCER has the potential to take such progress to the next level—where a lethal disease becomes treatable.

MY ANSWER TO CANCER is a powerful idea behind a set of attainable goals. Find better treatments for each patient with cancer. Develop personalized approaches rather than traditional one-size-fits-all treatments. Reduce side effects. Foster new leads for drug discovery. Offer more cost-effective treatments.

Here at Moores Cancer Center, we’re at a turning point. You are the force that can help us tip the scale with your contribution.

Engage in a cancer fundraising effort that's unlike any other.