Bannister Family House

Bannister Family HouseThe mission of Bannister Family House is to provide affordable lodging and supportive services for out-of-town families of UC San Diego Health System patients. It is a haven of comfort and hope for weary families who share similar experiences and concerns in friendly, homelike surroundings close to the hospital.

The non-medical atmosphere of the house provides a retreat from the stress of keeping a constant bedside vigil at the hospital. Families have a chance to meet other families in similar situations and develop a support network necessary to sustain a loved one through serious illness.

While it is a possible living option, Bannister House is not dedicated solely to cancer patients and their caregivers. Priority is given to life-threatening circumstances, including trauma, burn and transplant patients. Bannister House will consider cancer patients on a case-by-case basis. For more information, including a virtual tour, see the Bannister Family House website.

Other Housing Options

Bartell Hotels, with several locations in San Diego, offers discounted rates to our patients. See discounts at Bartell Hotels for more information.


For referral information, contact the Care Coordination Department at 619-543-5730
or Bannister Family House at 619-543-7977.