HIPEC Treatment

Innovative treatment of abdominal cancers

Hot chemo bath therapy at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

HIPEC, or heated intraperitoneal chemoperfusion, is a procedure to treat advanced abdominal cancers.

HIPEC is designed to kill any remaining cancer cells once all visible disease is removed surgically.

UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center is recognized worldwide for its development of novel cancer treatments, including HIPEC.

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Surgical oncologist Joel Baumgartner, MD, a member of Moores Cancer Center's HIPEC team, describes the procedure.

bullet Understanding HIPEC

UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

HIPEC is performed during a surgery to remove an abdominal tumor. Once the tumor has been removed (“cytoreduction”), the surgeon continuously circulates a heated, sterile chemotherapy solution throughout the peritoneal cavity for up to 90 minutes.

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bulletPatient Stories

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bullet Cancers Treated with HIPEC

HIPEC therapy may be appropriate for cancers that have spread to the lining of the peritoneal cavity. Learn more about whether you're a candidate.

bullet HIPEC In The News

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bulletMeet the HIPEC Team

Dr. Andrew LowyOur team is one of the most experienced in the world at this innovative therapy. Meet Drs. Lowy, Baumgartner, and Kelly.