ET CURE Program Summary

This program specifically targets UCSD undergraduate juniors and seniors for paid, hands-on bench cancer research using emerging technologies. If you're a UCSD undergraduate student selected for this program, you'll be:

  • Placed in active research laboratories under the supervision of highly successful research mentors
  • Exposed to rich, scientific environments to gain experience, self confidence, and motivation to pursue a Ph.D. degree
  • Expected to participate in a mentored research project, seminars, workshops, a peer mentoring program, and other regular laboratory activities, such as group meetings and journal clubs
  • Encouraged to take a graduate course in the Ph.D. program you wish to pursue and receive assistance in preparing a successful graduate school application, including classes on preparing for GRE testing

The overall goal of ET CURE is to address the inequity in the number of disadvantaged and underrepresented minority students involved in cancer disparities research, and ET CURE training is consistent with the National Institute of Health (NIH) goals for 2010 that stresses the importance of increasing the number of minorities in biomedical research with a focus on health disparities.

Education/Training at UCSD in ET/ONCOLOGY

Education Opportunities at UCSD for ET Cure Students

UCSD already has in place courses and seminar series to provide a broad education in ET-oncology at the undergraduate and graduate level.