Clinical Trials in Pancreatic Cancer

Tremendous Hope on the Horizon

In recent years, remarkable progress has been made in the battle against all types of cancer.  While there is still no known cure for pancreatic cancer, researchers believe they are getting closer to techniques for earlier diagnosis, new therapies to stop the cancer’s spread, and possible curative treatments. 

At UC San Diego, scientific studies are particularly exciting. For example, our researchers have developed mouse models of human pancreatic cancer that allow them to study all stages of the disease, from pre-invasive to metastatic. In addition, our physician-scientists are preparing clinical trials for the investigation of new therapies.

With an ever increasing understanding of the genetics and molecular biology of pancreatic cancer, UC San Diego’s team of brilliant scientists believe we may be only a few years away from hopeful news. 

To learn about currently available clinical trials for patients, see Clinical Trials.

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