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Moores Cancer Center now uses genetic testing to analyze tumors and tailor cancer treatments to individual patients.

See Center for Personalized Cancer Therapy.

Caring begins with a human touch at UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, with our nursing staff dedicated to providing the best care possible. Specialists in their fields, the majority of our nurses have earned national credentials in oncology.

Most Moores Cancer Center patients will work with nurses from several patient care areas through the course of treatment. Nurses in all divisions work closely together to knit a seamless patient experience.

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Nursing Philosophy

Our nursing vision is to provide every patient and their family an exceptional experience through professionalism, evidenced-based practice, innovation, and caring -- because compassion is our passion.

We carry out our vision in the following ways:

Patient and Family

As professional nurses, we believe in providing complete nursing care for all patients and their families. Our practice is being sensitive and caring, while meeting the needs of today’s diverse multi-cultural society. Our passion for nursing and patient care excellence is expressed through active participation in clinical decision making and nurse empowerment. We strive to maintain a nursing culture that promotes the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients.


Excellence in nursing is a pledge to lifelong education, which leads to better patient care. Key elements of our pledge to learning include:

  • The caring relationship with the patient
  • Professional accountability
  • Autonomy in practice 
  • Leadership 
  • Innovation 
  • Teamwork
  • Staff development

These key aspects of our professionalism are supported by Evidence-Based Practice and national standards of nursing care.

Leadership and Collaboration

Nursing leadership in clinical practice is evident at all levels and in all care environments within our organization and the community, including:

  • Providing educational resources 
  • Career development 
  • Advanced patient care technologies

This allows us to enhance patient care, while engaging in open, collaborative communication with all healthcare professionals, patients, and their families.

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